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Madrasa Hall: This beautiful building located in the heart of village foregrounds was built in 1998 with passion and aim to serve the village community to facilitate religious education. Hall is also an ideal venue for weddings and functions not just for the village community but also for the communities of the surrounding villages
Yuvak Mandal Library: Manubar former youths namely, Late Haji Muhammad Musa Sufi, Haji Muhammed Ali Maji Patel, Haji Umarji Musa Jolly, Late Haji Ismail Ibrahim Vali etc took the challenge of serving the village community with a library and medical centre in 1957.  The centre holds four specialist weekly surgeries for village population. Dr Setupal Lotwala (Physio) - Wed: 3.00pm to 4.00pm. Dr Milap Shah (Physicist) - Sat: 1.30pm to 4.00pm. Dr Smit Vasava (Surgeon) - Sat: 3.00pm to 4.00pm. Dr Abhishak Darji (Orthopaedic) - Sun: 2.00pm to 4.00pm.
These facilities are housed in the main building opposite the Madrasa hall, this provides vital news service on the first floor, where daily regional and national papers are accessible. Other magazines and educational literature are available to students.
Ground floor is used for medical care, where a GP provides health care to the village community in the morning.
Madrsa Naquib-ul-islam: Growing village population needed a place for religious education, and in year 1965 Maulana Adam and other village elders undertook a project to construct a building to make these facilities. This was the first big scale project in the Bharuch district during this period.
Jamia Masjid: The first village Masjid built to provide prayers facilities, and located at the heart of the village. It contains beautiful minarets and suspended dome overlooking the village. Late Haji Ibrahim Biram spearheaded and passionately undertook the rebuild challenge in the 1970s.
Its entrance view is filled with recently rebuilt Wudukhana. The main Jamatkhana hall is big, which has no pillars in between the four walls, which bears witness to very intelligent architectural design.
Once in the hall, marble flooring, which is matted with beautiful carpet, marble walls with overhead quranic verses all around the interior reflects the dedication and love people of the village put during its construction.
There are further four Masjids at the outskirts of the village to facilitate the community living nearby; Falah Masjid located at Navi Nagri, Dalal Colony Masjid on the way to Tham. Munawwar Masjid located in the way to Karmad, and Masjid located in the high school foregrounds next to Bhutia Kabrastan near the Manubar Bharuch road.
Munshi memorial Hall: Munshi family donated this hall to provide wedding and functions service to the village community. The building is located next to the Madrasa Hall, and ground floor retail units are used for a restaurant, a bank, and other stalls, which are at very ideal position to serve the nearby community.
Gram Panchayat Hall (Village council office - New building now stands where once the old building stood): This building of the village council committee. People of village elect the village Sarpanch (Councilor) to serve the village people with day to day running of the village affairs, he/she is assisted by vice Sarpanch (deputy Councilor) and panel of council members.
Boys Primary School (School has a new appearance with front lawn and boundary wall): New purpose built building located on Tham road. Donated by Munshi family with the cost of 100,000 British Sterling. This beautiful facility caters for standard 1-7 primary education with the modern teaching facilities.

Village infrastructure comprises of good concrete road system with dual carriageway at the entrance of the village, both foregrounds (village junctions) has water fountains serving as roundabouts, inner village guttering facility.
Gas pipeline has also been installed recently to serve the community with daily cooking and catering needs, water storage tanks on both sides of the village to provide water for washing and bathing. There are also laundering facilities at the main foreground of the village, where female folks wash family clothes in private cubicles. Please note: inner village roads are newly paved with modern block system. copyright© 2015